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AnimalCrossing NewHorizons: FanCommunity With interpreter!



This is a website where you can create islands around the world of Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) and pages introducing players who have emigrated to the island.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fan Site

It is operated by ACNH fans individually, and has nothing to do with Nintendo Co., Ltd., which develops and sells ACNH. (Operator: ACNH Fandom)

The culmination of Animal Crossing Profile Site

The Animal Forest Fan Site was first opened in 2008 and opened in March 2020, the 12th year.It has been produced as the culmination of the Animal Crossing Site that has been operated so far.

Features of SHIMAMORI

Find islands around the world

Find player islands around the world that are registered daily. Pages created in the Japanese version are also translated into the English version. You may find your favorite island that you haven't seen yet.

Introduce your island to the world

Let players around the world know about your island. Some pages made in English are translated into Japanese.(User registration is required to create an island page)

Improvements from YUMEMORI

SHIMAMORI is based on YUMEMORI, the dream site of ACNL, but realizes various things that were not possible at the time.

Island page update frequency increase

The maximum number of times an island page can be updated per day has been increased. This has made it easier to update the island page.

Smartphone compatible

The site has become easy to use on smartphones. It also supports display adapted to large screens such as tablet sideways and PCs.

Strengthen cooperation with non-island information and bulletin boards

Introducing the island's life in detail with information (profile / list) other than information about the island, and integrating the bulletin board with the site allows for a smoother exchange.

(You can also use it simply by placing an island page, not seeing and using other functions, and not interacting.)

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