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  Terms of Service

These terms govern the terms of use of the content provided by this site. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully and only if you agree to them Please register.

When using this site, the following actions or actions that may Shall not go.

・Act against public order and morals
Act that violates laws
Criminal acts and acts that lead to criminal acts
Other users, third parties, acts that violate the rights of this site
Other users, third parties, slander, slander, reputation and reputation of this site
Act that gives disadvantage to other users, third parties, and this site
Acts that interfere with the operation of this site
The act of transmitting information that is not true
Posting of personal information that may infringe on privacy
Other acts deemed inappropriate by this site

【Response to violation of the rules】
If an act that violates the agreed terms of service occurs, take necessary measures to continue the operation of this site, such as exclusion of posting, restriction of use, contact and request to related organizations such as providers and police. May take.

Any damages caused or caused by the user using this site, any content related to this site, all services on the linked site (to the extent that it is Regardless), this site is not responsible.

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